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Wet Abrasive

Powerful ,  Adoptable & Dustless

Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting is a paint stripping and cleaning system capable of removing any coating or built-up grime, from any surface.

Over time, paint chips, metal rusts and surfaces wear down and get dirty. Dustless blasting efficiently removes what is left from old coatings, regardless of the material and leaves you with a clean finish. This results in a smooth, well-prepped surface that is ready to be renewed or repainted. This is an ideal procedure for equipment or machinery that might be sensitive to dust.

No Planet Shutdown Needed

A significant benefit of dustless blasting is that it suppresses sparks and static electricity. This allows us to blast on live pipelines without the need for plant shutdown or operations to be put on hold. This also enables other workers nearby on-site to continue carrying out their tasks without downtime.

A Revolutionary System

It’s an entirely mess-free alternative to sandblasting and other methods of surface preparation as all materials, shot media and old coatings that get blasted are immediately vacuumed back inside the tank. This results in a dust-free process that enables all work to resume with minimal interruptions to business. In addition, surrounding surfaces, materials or other equipment remain untouched and undamaged by dust or flying debris.

Benefited of Dustless Blast